Easy install SQL Server driver in Ubuntu

It’s quite exciting to develop Delphi and C++ Builder applications for Linux using the brand new RAD Studio 10.2 Tokyo release. So I can imagine that many developers are now starting new projects targeting Linux, or adapting their existing ones to the new platform.

Many of these project will surely use database connections, and the most widely used Enterprise database engine is Microsoft SQL Server (acording to different surveys). Continue reading “Easy install SQL Server driver in Ubuntu”


Database connectivity frameworks in Delphi

Since its very first version, Delphi has provided great database components, for the applications to access SQL servers like MS SQL Server and Oracle. So we can say that it is one of the main values of the product, well established from its birth.

This extraordinary capability to connect to the most popular database engines (including NoSQL engines), combined with the terrific performance of the operations executed using these components, makes Delphi the perfect choice for developing data-rich applications.

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