Expand your development toolkit with GetIt

Delphi and C++ Builder developers have a very powerful tool to expand their development toolkit by discovering new libraries, components and addons; or simply finding the latest versions of those ones that they have used for years. I’m talking about the GetIt Package Manager.

Available since RAD Studio XE8, and improved in RAD Studio 10 Seattle, the GetIt Package Manager allows to easily browse and install components, libraries and addons from the IDE.

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As I’ve mentioned before, in the GetIt catalog it’s possible to find the very latest versions from popular libraries that you may have used for years in your applications, as the Jedi Visual Components and Code libraries, or the TurboPack set of components; but you can also find and discover new ones that are really rockin’, like the ksComponents or the TFrameStand.

From my very own experience, using GetIt I’ve discovered components that I couldn’t live without them anymore, so I encourage every Delphi and C++ Builder developer to take a look to the GetIt Package Manager, try some of those new libraries and components, and also get the very latest versions from the known ones. You won’t be disappointed.

This is a list of selected items from the GetIt catalog:

  • The TurboPack set of components, cleaned up and updated to use the newest language features by Embarcadero MVP Roman Kassebaum (more info here). Including:
    • Abbrevia: a compression toolkit
    • Async Professional: a comprehensive communications toolkit
    • DOS command: a component that lets you execute a dos program and catch the output
    • Essentials: vcl controls including calendars, calculators, and more
    • LockBox: a library for cryptography
    • Mustangpeak EasyListView and Mustangpeak VirtualShellTools
    • OnGuard: a library to create demo versions of your apps
    • Orpheus: an award-winning UI toolkit. Contains calendars, clocks, LooOut Bar, and much more
    • PNGComponents: a set of components that allows you to include in your application real PNG files
    • PowerPDF: a component to create PDF docs
    • Ribbon Framework: a library that allows the use of the Windows Ribbon Framework
    • SynEdit: a systax highlightning edit control
    • SysTools: utility routines and classes including bar codes, sorting, logging, high precission math…
    • VirtualTree: a treeview control
  • JEDI:
    • Code Library: utility functions and non-visual classes
    • Visual Component Library: a library of over 600 visual and non-visual components
  • OmniThreadLibrary: a multithreading library
  • NexusDB: the embedded single user database that compiles into your exe with no additional libraries needed
  • ICS: internet components supporting all major protocols and applications
  • ksComponents: set ot firefomey components designed for Android and iOS
  • Modernized AggPas: an Anti-Grain Geometry library
  • TFrameStand: a components to easy use of FMX frames and build stunning visual transitions
  • TChromeTabs: a comprehensive implementations of Google Chrome’s tab system


Most of these libraries include sample applications to easily get started using them. Let me paste a couple of screenshots of those samples.



But the GetIt catalog also includes BeaconFence, a developer proximity solution that deliver precise “GPS-Free” indoor/outdoor user location tracking and events with radial and geometric zones for any physical location and layout. And also the Express edition of CodeSite, for live local and remote application logging.


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